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Make your cards stand out from the rest with this inventive fringed design. Simple cutting and folding creates a eye-catching

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Corinne Bradd shows how to create fab easy-to-make mechanisms for your greetings so die-cuts and motifs can actually move! Use

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Give your projects a truly unique look by creating gorgeous motifs from glass paint and acetate. Corinne Bradd demonstrates just

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Corinne Bradd shows how to create quirky little polymer clay charms in a variety of designs, including slices of fruit,

Pop-Up Cards: Quick and Crafty – March 2008

Celebrate Easter in style with a collection of fab and funky pop-up designs! These stunning makes are simple to

Art Lessons in Acrylic: Paint the Night Sky

  The night sky is a beautiful and awe inspiring thing that many of use love to look at. The sky has been the subject of many great artists, and its beauty never ceases to amaze. ...

Duct Tape: From Toolbox to Craftbox

  Duct tape and kids can be a dangerous combination but in the context of creating, the mix is happily combustible. If the explosive chatter was any indication, Wednesday’s ...

How to stitch foam flowers for cardmaking – Let’s Make Cards Issue 11

Transform your handmade greetings with stunning stitched foam shapes. Corinne Bradd shows Kristy Clark how easy it is to jazz-up

How to make a 3D cone Christmas tree card: Quick & Crafty! XMAS 2007

Learn how to create an eye-catching Christmas card with a difference, as Corinne Bradd shows the easiest way to add