Tissue Paper Flowers

Brightly colored tissue- or crepe-paper flowers make a cheery gift or decoration for May Day, Mother’s Day, or any time in spring and are a great way to fill a May basket. These are so easy to make, and the results are so pleasing, don’t be surprised if you end up creating a whole bouquet.

You’ll need:

Sheets of tissue paper or crepe paper, in a variety of colors, any length
Pipe cleaners or wire
Wooden dowel or cardboard tube from a dry-cleaning hanger
Floral tape or green paint

Wrap floral tape around the dowel or tube, or paint it green and let dry.

Layer 5-6 sheets of paper.

Fold the pile accordion-style (the long way, if there is one), approx. 1” thick, if using standard sheets of tissue paper.

Wrap a pipe cleaner or wire around the center of the papers, leaving two equal-length ends.

If desired, cut the ends into round or jagged shapes to create decorative petals.

Gently separate the layers of paper and fluff them until they are fairly evenly distributed.

Attach the flower to the stem with pipe cleaners or wire.

Note: Smaller flowers make great embellishments for gifts. Skip the stem and tape or tie flowers to gift wrapping or ribbon.

American flag tissue paper craft

Memorial Day and Independence Day which falls on July 4th are holidays that center on freedom and remembering the fallen soldiers that fought for that freedom. Kids in St. Louis will be celebrating with plenty of crafts and festivities such as the Memorial Day festival at Eckerts or Fair St. Louis on the 4th of July. What better way for our kids to show support than to make an American flag craft. This tissue paper American flag is easy to make for the preschoolers because they can follow the colors of the printed flag and glue on the matching color tissue paper. It has the same concept as painting by numbers.

Instructions for tissue paper flag

  1. Print out an American flag, dressed in its red, white and blue.
  2. Glue on red, white and blue tissue paper by following the colors already on the printed flag.
  3. Add stars to the blue section (e.g. stick on stars or star cut-outs).
  4. Attach ribbon or yard for hanging.

Instead of hanging, you can attach this flag craft to a stick or even a paper towel tube for a flag pole.

4th of July Waldorf Window Star

You will love making window stars to decorate the windows and glass doors in your home. Light shines beautifully through the waxed kite paper, and the window stars have an added benefit of hopefully keeping birds from bopping their heads against all those expanses of clear glass.

Frontier Dreams uses the same kite paper and origami folding techniques of traditional Waldorf window stars to make these themed 4th of July ones. See her post for the complete tutorial.

On a roll, and want to make some more window stars? Check these out!

1. Traditional Waldorf window starYou can use tissue paper if you must, or even origami paper, but nothing is as beautifully translucent as real kite paper.

2. Window star variations: If you’re a visual learner, you won’t need the (absent) English instructions to help you make these many variations on the Waldorf window star.

3. Tiny window starCut the kite paper into quarters before you begin, and make your window star even more adorable.

4. Checkered window starIt’s like the traditional Waldorf window star, only fancier!

5. Lotus flower, butterfly, and dragon flyEach of these is a take-off of the checkered window star.

6. HeartI’d have these on my window all year, not just on Valentine’s Day.


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